“I have questions to all your answers.”
Woody Allen

A differentiated, bespoke approach

As a consultancy firm specializing in strategic intelligence and foresight, ad initio supports its customers in analyzing competitive environments, influence strategies, and political and geopolitical issues.

Our relationship can take various forms: establishing a customized monitoring system, producing strategic notes and reports, consulting, and creating presentations.



  • analyzing institutional and economic influence systems;
  • mapping stakeholders and decision-making processes;
  • analyzing international environment;
  • administering country studies and deciphering the EU system.



  • analyzing competitive positioning;
  • benchmarking business models;
  • evaluating R&D priorities and innovation strategies;
  • executing due diligence and supporting external growth operations.



  • auditing the role of in-house foresight strategies;
  • benchmarking your competitors’ foresight strategies;
  • evaluating the creation of dedicated units.