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m@rkethings est une startup spécialisée en analyse digitale de marché B2B. Acteur de la transformation digitale, elle propose des services de business intelligence sur mesure grâce à l’agrégation de plusieurs bases de données en open data (9 millions d’entreprises, 5,5 millions de dirigeants) et à l’analyse de sources digitales (4,7 millions de sites web) à partir d’algorithmes propriétaires.

SAMI Consulting

For over 25 years SAMI Consulting has been helping organisations make robust decisions in uncertain times. We are known as the home of scenario planning. We work through consulting, executive education and events, and research studies. Our core expertise is to future proof our clients’ organisations. We understand political, international and regulatory risk, economic uncertainty, social and cultural change, and the opportunities of technology for our clients. SAMI Consulting works for private, public and NGO sector clients.

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The American Chamber of Commerce in France is the oldest US business association overseas – founded on 28 June 1894 by eleven US businessmen in Paris. Today, AmCham represents a dynamic community of 350 members of French and American origin, of which more 1/3 are Fortune 500 and CAC 40 Companies, 1/3 are SMEs and non profits, and the rest are individuals, start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Cercle K2

Cercle K2 is a think tank which provides private or public institutions, as well as professionals from various sectors of industry, with a platform for thought, discussion, and action. Its scope is broad: Cercle K2 addresses, inter alia, questions on economic development, human ressources, cybercrime, economic and financial security and the environment.