Why ad initio*?

Economic instability. Disruptive technological and digital developments. Geopolitical uncertainties. Environmental crises. These are all creating upheaval and challenging numerous current business models. But all too often, even now, businesses limit their thinking to short-term considerations and focus solely on their current activities. In reality, they need to tackle the situation, but how? By broadening the scope of their strategic analysis and comparing environments at different levels.

Driving change proactively

We believe that business sustainability relies primarily on combining short and long-term perspectives. Economic actors are then better equipped, not only to respond to their immediate objectives but also to identify and anticipate emerging trends to define future strategies.

Helping businesses design their future rather than simply extrapolating from their past. That’s ad initio’s aim.

* ad initio: a Latin-inspired name, expressing the start of a reflection and a human adventure.